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Ping! Pong! Ping! Pong! . . .

Mate, Neelabh, Ananda, and Mahanthesh ping ponging away...

Mate, Neelabh, Ananda, and Mahanthesh ping ponging away...

By Lim Mate

In TDA hostel.

Nobody knows about the existence of the wonder table which was hidden in the closet in a tight unserious garage-like room behind the library. Nobody was truly enthralled to get a hand with the flat red-black bat, hitting the feathery light golden ball bouncing on the table. In fact, it’s different from volleyball and cricket. Then the sports fortnight was about to begin.

The night before the games kick off, in the plaza, animators brainstormed.

“This time we should bring the table here in the plaza. Nobody is going to play there. It’s so congested over there—if you spread your arms wide and swing around you’re going to hit your hand on the walls.”

“…yes, the place is so dark—also the floors are unleveled.”

“Last year, Rutu was the champion. This year he will also get all the medals again.”

“What? In the plaza? We gonna be damned man! This place is the altar of the Academy. We should maintain its sanctity. I don’t think so….”

“…no, no, not that part. I will take care. Don’t worry.”


“You know, what is this place called? ‘Multi’ what?”

“’Pur-pose’ plaza!”

“OK guys, tomorrow I will tell Muthaya to bring it here in the morning.”

“It should remain here permanently.”

“Ya. That’s a good idea. It should be.”

Right after the table was installed in the plaza, it has seen its own light. It’s the most loved table—more than the tables in rooms where stacks of knowledge banks are kept. No matter whether it’s day or night, you’re gonna hear “Ping! Pong! Ping! Pong!…” even after the sports meet is over.

“The table must have been so bored… when it was there, to be loved only during the sports meet.”

“Ya man. Here everyone is in line, pushing and shoving to get a hand on the bat and table.”

As if the opportunity is one-timed, the ball ping! pong!ed late into the night.

“We should have brought it here earlier from last year, right?”

“Ya, but we still have another five or six months.”

“You can maximized your learning during this period.”

“’Maximized’ … ‘ learning’…. Oh! Come on leave those words. At least here when you got the chance to forget.”

“Man, do you think we should leave volleyball and shift to this?”

“No that’s not fair.”

“We begin volleyball from tomorrow. Be ready.”

“Hey guys, this game is good for me since I don’t play volleyball.”

Great change has come even to the novice. Those who had not even dreamed of it in their wildest dreams are now ready for the inter-room championship. We even have an Academy commentator.

It’s going to be one of the most loved reminiscences of our stay in TDA.


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4 Responses

  1. Ananda Mahto says:

    Mate wrote this story as an assignment in “Specialized Writing”. For the assignment, students were asked to use dialogue as a form of generating action… and I think that he managed to do a great job of capturing the excitement that seems to surround this poor (and once neglected) ping pong table.

  2. […] Extra! Read all about it! As I mentioned in a comment in the last post, one of the classes offered this term for PDM 8 students is Specialized Writing. […]

  3. sumitvij says:

    Mate…..what should I say about my roomy..He has written an amazing story, which really inspired me to write better stories in future..

    Thanks buddy….Amazing work…

  4. Ananda Mahto says:


    The news we got this week is certainly unfortunate. I hope that we find a suitable place to relocate this precious table, because I think it really does add some excitement to our days here.

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