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Programme in Development Management

A Sunday Journey

By Mohd. Rashid

In my college days, going to sleep late and getting up late was the general schedule for me. One Sunday, though, I got up early and was busy getting ready to go to the book market at Daryaganj, New Delhi.

I asked Ahmed, my roommate, if he was coming with me. He replied, “Do not go today. I have had a bad dream about you.”


“If you do not want to come, tell me clearly.”

“No. It doesn’t matter. My sayings are right these days.”

Daryaganj is biggest market for new and old books. I have taken a bus, which was full of passengers, but after a few stops, it’s vacant.

One of the passengers, an old man, reflects, “What a crowd it is today. Everybody is going to purchase books? I know today’s generation how much they are studying. Bringing books only to show parents?”

In winters, if the bus windows are open, then the air directly attack you. In this condition, I was sitting rigid to collect myself to try to feel somewhat warm.

Then the bus crossed ITO, a place of busy traffic. A newspaper vendor enters the bus and starts shouting, “Hindi newspapers! And English newspapers!”

The driver appeared to be in a hurry. Many of the blue line (private buses) bus drivers in Delhi drive fast in comparison to Delhi Transport Corporation bus drivers. At one bus stop, he does not want to stop the vehicle. At that stop, many students will enter but they will not purchase tickets. Still, he starts to pull over quickly; at the same time, from the crossing side, a car was coming. I was sitting in at the bus, easily able to observe what was going to happen.

I wondered to myself, “Maybe some accident will happen.”

Then a sound came from outside.

“Dhadam! Dhadam!”

Inside the bus, a few children started crying. I had been flung forward and fell on another passenger. A pole hit my back harshly and I fell down again. Everybody left the vehicle. “Run, run, run.”

When I came out from the bus, the first words from my mouth were “Allaha Madad”—God help—for the car passengers.

I try to find any one who I could bring out with me and I rescue those passengers from the vehicle. One girl came out from the crowd, and soon a few more joined us to help. First we tried to rescue the car driver who was stuck in the car.

“Help me, help me, help me.”

“Do not worry you’re going to be all right.”

Some of the bus passengers were foreigners, and though I tried to get them to come out, they were in shock by the accident. Another young girl was inside, crying upon seeing her blood. “Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!”

All the passengers were seriously hurt, but one person was in critical condition. Blood was pouring out from different parts of body. In this condition, he could not even say anything.

After some time, the police arrived and started questioning people.

“Can anyone describe exactly what happened here?”

I thought “Should I go and tell them?” but Ahmed’s saying comes to my mind, “Today is not good for you.”

Within a second, one voice came from my heart to not go. I left the place, but the picture of the accident was running through my mind. I also still had a lot of pain in my back.

After returning from the market I told whole story to Ahmed. He again started laughing, but he said, “Sometimes, simple sayings also convert themselves into reality. It was your good luck you were not in the car.”


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  1. Ananda Mahto says:

    This is another story submitted as part of the Specialized Writing class… Enjoy!

  2. jkram says:


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