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As I mentioned in a comment in the last post, one of the classes offered this term for PDM 8 students is Specialized Writing. In this class, we try to go beyond simply writing term papers and reports, and explore different types of writing. One type of writing we were exploring was journalistic writing—in particular, writing a press release. Here are three press releases offered by the students in this class. (There were a few creative liberties taken, particularly in terms of quotations, since this was done as an in-class assignment, but I think they still manage to capture the spirit of the events).

Eyes of Development Students

TDA students are sharing their experiences to the development sector through an exhibition of their photographs captured during their Development Practice Segment (DPS). The exhibition will be displayed at different DHAN Foundation offices located in and around Madurai.

The DPS is a fieldwork undertaken by students at Tata-Dhan Academy, a development educational institute which grooms young graduates to work for the upliftment of the poor by offering a two-year Post-Graduate Diploma in Development Management.

The students came up with ample photographs after finishing their DPS. Ananda, English faculty at TDA put across the idea of exhibiting the best photographs taken in different parts of India. Mrs. A. Umarani, the director of Academy said, “The whole idea was to extend the students’ work to various people interested in the development sector”.

The mobile exhibition is currently on display at the Tata-Dhan Academy and will be placed in various locations of DHAN Foundation over the next few months.


Contact: Sumit Vij, K. Malarvizhy, Press correspondents
Tata-Dhan Academy, Pulluthu, Madurai, TN
Phone: 0123456789
Email: my@email.com

Ethnic Dinner exposes students to the wealth of cultural diversity of India

Tata-Dhan Academy, a development management institute in Madurai, is hosting an ethnic dinner highlighting Karnataka state’s cultural and culinary delicacies on 15 November 2008 at the Academy’s premises.

The occasion showcases the unique culture, traditions, and food habits of Karnataka, many of which may be not known students and faculties who hail from different states. It is a celebration and appreciation of the diversified culture we have in different parts of India with the spirit of unity and brotherhood.

The students and faculty host events like this once every two months, highlighting the different states of India from where the students come. The current student community comes from Assam, Manipur, Bihar, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu.

The function is open to all the students, faculties, and staffs, DHANites, alumni, and other well-wishers of the Tata-Dhan Academy. We welcome you all to come and celebrate the vibrant culture of Karnataka.


Contact: Mate & Swain, Press correspondents
Tata-Dhan Academy, Pulluthu, Madurai, TN
Phone: 0123456789
Email: my@email.com

TDA in sports fever

Development professional are ready to release their pressure by participating in the annual sports fortnight.

The Tata-Dhan Academy, a unique development institute with an appropriate mix of practitioners and academicians to promote development education, is organising a sports fortnight. The sports fortnight will consist of various indoor and outdoor games; all faculty, staff, and students will participate in the activities.

“It gives me immense pleasure to recall my youthful days” says Ananda, a TDA faculty from the US.

The events, which consists of specially designed indoor and outdoor games, will take place in the TDA sports complex. The fortnight is from 3 November to 15 November 2008.

Karthik, the event’s coordinator, says “We have made all the necessary arrangements and hope we will make it a memorable event in TDA’s history.”

“In near future you will see TDA students participating in intercollege competitions,” promised A. Umarani, TDA Director.


Contact: Mohd. Rashid, Sandeep Bharti, & Sebastian, Press correspondents
Tata-Dhan Academy, Pulluthu, Madurai, TN
Phone: 0123456789
Email: my@email.com


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