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The Grumpy Writer

The first issue of The Grumpy Writers Grumps

The first issue of The Grumpy Writer's Grumps

aka Ananda Mahto

I wanted to create an avenue for me to write some periodic updates about the English language. Sometimes, for example, I might write about strange or frustrating usage; other times, I might, instead, offer some writing tips for students.

The result? The Grumpy Writer’s Grumps.

Check it out and see what you think….


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3 Responses

  1. kunjmann says:

    His Majesty Ananda,

    I would suggest you to put your regular Grumps here on PDM student’s blog.

    • Ananda Mahto says:

      “His Majesty Ananda?” Oh no…. I think that makes me a bit more uncomfortable than “Sir”….

      I have a few reasons that I keep the Grumpy Writer’s Grumps separate. The primary one is that I feel that this tdapdm site should be more about student contributed work or reflections on their work from faculty. While it’s true that my grumps can fall into the second category, some of the inspiration comes from the general editing work that I do at the Academy–in other words, from work from my peers as well.

  2. kunjmann says:

    Your Excellency,

    You guessed it right, I actually wanted to make you a bit more uncomfortable! Anyways, it’s okay about keeping the Grumps separate since the link to it is there on the right panel.

    We have just started, let me see how much time we take to make some contribution to this site.

    You can always expect me!

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