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Ensuring Food Security in India

India has had a very slow rate of progress towards food security. The condition is such that the highest population of hungry children in the world is from India, and India is number 34 on the list of most undernourished countries. The effect of this food crisis is seen in many different ways: at the time of birth, 30% of Indian infants are underweight (UNICEF); 50% of India’s child deaths are because of malnutrition (UNDP).

What is surprising about these statistics is that India is the second largest producer of food grains in the world, and through the Green Revolution, India should have been able to achieve self-sufficiency in food production. Since it has not been able to do so, for each successive government of independent India, food security has been one of the top priorities. These include things like the National Food Security Mission, ration shops, and fair-price shops; Gram Panchayats also play an important role for the immediate supply of food grains to the poor.

To ensure food security in India is to overcome many challenges. The challenges range from improper policy design or application, decrease in the net sown area or use of agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes, land degradation, climate change, and increasing frequency and severity of extreme weather. A decentralized implementation of micro-level action plans in collaboration with Government departments might help to address food insecurity more rapidly.

Ravi Raj, PDM 11



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  1. vineet says:

    very well said, and actually its a very complex and important topic, that i think our country should deal with. food security is really something which india has not been able to achieve, even after so many programmes in this regard. all the suggestions that have been mentioned above are worthy of giving importance, but dont you think the first step should be to give importance to our agriculture, and try to increase its status. we call ourselves an agricultural economy and yet we invest least in it, and also its contribution is decreasing every year. we need to focus on our roots, and give importance to agriculture. for every problem we say better management of policies, but i think something is missing, we cant blame corruption, and government all the time, if there is problem, try to solve it by new ways, but whats that way i still dont know, and may be i will try to find it out. nfs act was a good step in this regard, and i think more such kind of policies needs to be brought up.

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