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Lessons from the Gita

Painting of Vishvarupa, Krishna’s universal form revealed to Arjuna in the Gita, retrieved from http://bit.ly/bNtSzP. Estimated date of painting: 1740.

The Gita can be interpreted as a message from the creator that communicates what a man should do in this world. Many of our everyday troubles can be answered by referring to ancient literature such as the Gita. Below are some of the messages that can be learned from reading the Gita.

  • Do not be distracted by what is happening in front of you; everything happens for a reason.
  • Concentrate on your work. Do not worry about the results; eventually the rewards of the work will return to its original owner.
  • There is no inequality in God’s eyes, just as a mother cannot tell between her two sons whom she loves the most. Whenever we do something, our main concern should be that our actions will not bring harm to anyone.
  • Happiness is not obtained through the accumulation of material goods or economic wealth. Never engage in taking bribes or stealing from others.
  • Without a sense of clarity, people will waste most of their time chasing after unnecessary things. A good guide or teacher can help to enlighten us and bring focus and direction to our lives.
  • Take responsibility for your actions. People are not substitutable, so perform the tasks that have been assigned to you and do not blame others for your inability to do your duty correctly.

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