Tata-Dhan Academy: PDM


Programme in Development Management

Spectrum: Issue 4

Click on the image to download a PDF version of this issue for offline viewing (4.26 MB).

Welcome to the fourth issue of Spectrum, the student newsletter of Tata-Dhan Academy. This issue comprises student articles on a diverse range of development topics as well as two faculty reflections originating from the Academy’s recent experience of working with the Kanyakumari district to prepare a district human development report.

We welcome you, the reader, to comment on the articles, and add your own reflection, criticisms, stories, links to relevant online articles, and so on.

In this issue:

2 Responses

  1. […] 11 of the Tata-Dhan Academy and others were able to have–after a really long break–a new issue of Spectrum: Colours of Development in their hands to look at (and hopefully read). Spectrum is the […]

  2. […] Some of you may have read my article about Tata Dhan Academy in ThinkChangeIndia. Today, I got a note from Ananda Mahto, an American, who has moved to Madurai, to teach English @ Tata Dhan. He has made some great progress getting the students to better express themselves via writing and producing audio/video materials. As part of the interview, I had the opportunity to speak to all the senior offices of the Academy who continue to inspire me to do more developmental work. Below is the note from Ananda and link to the student-created newsletter. I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that the students I work with have just re-initiated their student newsletter and the first new issue is now available. You can view it online here: https://tdapdm.wordpress.com/2010/10/01/spectrum-issue-4/ […]

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