Tata-Dhan Academy: PDM


Programme in Development Management

One term down….

By Yogesh Bhatt

[Note: This was meant to be submitted before going to the first fieldwork, but… well, no excuses. Here it is now….]

A 24-hour daily activity schedule that goes from exercise in the morning to intense brainstorming classroom sessions to challenging nights with even more challenging assignments to—if you’re lucky—a satisfactory few hours of sleep. No. This is not information collected from a participatory learning methods (PALM) field visit. It’s the experience of a students who is completing his first term at the Tata-Dhan Academy.

It’s my last day on campus. A beautiful morning is waiting for me outside when an idea comes to my mind. Why don’t I write a little bit about my experience over the last 124 days at TDA?

Starting from the remedial classes, those days were filled with total fun in the classroom sessions followed by our first one-week village stay. This was a source of sensitization and motivation (and a chance to blunder with the Tamil language). Then, we shifted to the new campus—it is a beautiful campus—where we started our regular classroom sessions. We thought, “OK…. There will be many opportunities for us to do so many things. After all, we are all born intelligent.” But what was it? First class? And first assignment. Followed by three more sessions, and three more assignments. Thus started the formal sessions.

But, we managed it. After just one week, I forgot about my cell phone, my long list of Facebook chatting friends, dreams of an easy college life, and even my dressing sense! Instead, everywhere there were reading materials, books, and assignments.

Enough? Are you kidding? If you are a student of at TDA, you will be always followed by a ghost; the Academy’s ghost is called “Deadline”, and its creator is Ananda, to whom we must send our assignments before 11:59 pm or risk rapidly falling marks.

But, I exaggerate. It’s not all study at the Academy. In between all of these days of study, we published our newsletter, Spectrum. I cannot forget the happiness of the moment when I first held its printed copy in my hand. We also performed some good skits and mimes at different functions like Independence Day celebration, the farewell to our seniors, and DHAN’s Foundation Day (where we really enjoyed ourselves preparing and performing our “three wise monkeys” mime). We only got to spend a little bit of time with our seniors, and we still found time to play cricket, volleyball, and table tennis, and we found time to relax in the mess and chit chat late at night.

Finally, the long journey of the first term concluded with the term-end examinations. Actually, this was the most relaxing time for us. No extra reading. No assignments. On the last day, we celebrated Depawali in the campus. For me, this was the first time I was far away from home for the holiday, but thanks to my friends and my seniors, I realized that I’m not alone.

Today we all are leaving for our term-end holidays followed by a one-month field stay. Thanks to TDA and its culture, I feel that I will be leaving with the confidence that I will be able to do something good for others also.


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8 Responses

  1. Devendra Bhatt says:

    A good non-academic blog…!!
    Even after reading your blog I got remembrance of my old collage days at Delhi University. Really we learn a lot from our collage environment rather than just those boring classes.

    All the best for you & your classmates.

  2. anurag says:

    you are right yogesh, this is our feeling.

  3. Pulkit Rastogi says:

    It is nice to read such an excited blog from you.
    Happy to c dat u r getting a soothing environment.
    Carry on with your work…
    God bless u!!!

  4. yogi32994 says:

    Pashupati thanks, it was possible with our faculty and your support.

  5. arun kumar says:

    missing you people a lot. All the very best.i know you will come up with flying colours in your race towards development.

    • Ananda Mahto says:

      Hey Arun,

      Good to hear from you. You might not hear back from anyone for a couple of weeks–they are all in the field at the moment. I’m looking to get some great reports and stories once they return.

      • Shanti Gupta says:


        Your expectation make me to feel that I could write good report and here I have found many stories. I will remind my whole life.
        Great experience of tribal life!

  6. anurag says:

    i also try to right good report as well as some good stories about the field. yes for me its a great experience in tribal.

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