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Programme in Development Management

Spectrum: Issue 5

Click on the image to download a PDF version of this issue for offline viewing (3.51 MB).

Broadly speaking, livelihoods can be seen as the utilization of our human and material assets to meet the requirements of our selves and our households. However, unlike regular employment, which can often be seen as transitional, livelihoods are typically seen as a way of life.

Our lead article in this issue of Spectrum describes how participatory learning methods were used to understand the livelihood opportunities in a coastal community. The article “An Organised Push into Poverty” also explores the issue of livelihoods, but from the perspective of large-scale retailers. “Drought and the Nation” describes how droughts can affect not only livelihoods, but also the economy of the entire nation. Also included is an article on transgenders—a marginalized group for whom the livelihood opportunities imposed upon them by society can be quite dangerous.

Besides these, you can also find a book review of a classic statistics textbook, as well as reflections on the Gita, communication, women’s empowerment, yoga (from an alumnus), and global warming.

We hope you enjoy this fifth issue of Spectrum, and once more, we invite you to offer your own reflections on the articles in this and previous issues.

In this issue:


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