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First Monsoon Shower in Madurai

By Yogesh Bhatt

Date: 30th May. Time 6:30 pm. I was working on my laptop. My window was open I was enjoying the cool outside breeze. I didn’t realize that this cool breeze carried rainfall with itself until I heard the peal of thunder outside.

Usually, it happens that whenever my friends and I get this type of opportunity, we immediately start to enjoy the moment. This time, I did not know that what was happening—why weren’t these guys outside jumping in the rain?

Sandeep and Anurag took the initiative and convinced everyone to come outside and enjoy the rain dance. Until that point, I was patiently waiting outside—waiting to get a natural moment to click some beautiful pics. Fortunately, before immersing myself in the first monsoon shower in Madurai, I was able to finish a smart job: I collected some memories.

We all started dancing outside the campus. Music is always a best friend for these moments, so we carried a music system outside and challenged the sound of the thunder. Our rain dance was a half-hour packed with fun and energy, and we wound down by going for a long walk to enjoy the peaceful beauty of nature.

This was a special moment for us. At that time, I was just thinking that really, life is not all about competition, chasing things, and perfection—it is something beyond that. It also demands peace, calm, and love. Nature always gives us a chance to enjoy these beautiful colours of life at every moment, but we rarely take the time to listen to what nature wants to tell us.

Please, whenever you get a chance, sit silently, listen carefully, and dance with melodies nature gives us.


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One Response

  1. vineet says:

    liked ur post. hope i would have been there. gud luck and keep rocking

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