Tata-Dhan Academy: PDM


Programme in Development Management

A New Batch of Explorers…

A new batch of explorers have started their journey at Tata-Dhan Academy.

As usual, almost as soon as the students come to the campus and start to get settled down, we put them into groups and send them off on a one-week village stay. This time, one of the groups happened to have a camera with them, and when they returned, they were kind enough to put together this video to share with us.

I look forward to a lot more interesting stories and explorations in the months to come!


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10 Responses

  1. Yogesh says:

    Great job done by our juniors; I was interested to see this presentation on our student blog. We never visited this place but thanks to our juniors who gave us a chance to explore this initiative. We also got a chance to visit THI where got much motivation from Dr Regi couple, still that warmth and energy I can realize in my heart; hope this exposure will always guide our juniors to do something good in near future.

    • Ananda Mahto says:

      Thanks for the comment Yogesh. I’m actually hoping that one of the groups will give me a write-up on their visit to Reaching the Unreached to post. Maybe you can inspire them to do so.

      Also, I have the feeling the PDM 11 owes me a lot of articles from the many field visits you have been on this term….

  2. vineet says:

    congratulations first of all to all of u for a fresh batch at TDA. really its inspiring to see the students doing such a job in their first field work. very nice, its a sign of their potential and thier willingness to do something for the community. i wish them all the best. i hope they start with a fresh energy to give their 100% to TDA.
    good to see that a new vinit has just enterd the arena.
    do keep posting ur works here, its really encouraging to see and it also feels good.

    • Ananda Mahto says:


      Good to hear from you after a long time. I hope everything is going well.

      Keep your eyes posted for some more updates–we have a couple of issues of Spectrum lined up (finding time to do a thorough edit is the main hold-up) that should be posted soon, and if not that, then at least a couple more articles on the way.

      • vineetmonu says:

        ya ananda surely i wl love to see more posts….. i met my old tda friends at delhi and we had a long discussion on various issues. we talked abt ur communication classes…. they r enjoying it……. i also saw some video of oral communication ……its really…… grt….. i miss it…….. fr sure it was ur class only dat i enjoyed the most……. and i still miss it……. i also saw ur daugher pics she is cute…….
        and iexpect some more posts soon……

  3. anurag says:

    great job….this is really interesting to saw pdm 12 have a interest in making the films….

  4. shweta hegde says:

    thanks anurag…..

  5. arjun says:

    nice job

  6. Yogesh Bhatt says:

    Hello Ananda; I gave you one article regarding our LAB exposure but still it is not posted in ouw blog. If you have time (as I know you are busy for Madurai Symposium) we can post it with photographs because since a long time we are not updating our blog.

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