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Inauguration of Sports Week 2011

The Tata-Dhan Academy is an institute devoted to development studies, known for its very busy classroom sessions and academic excellence since its establishment one decade ago. But that doesn’t mean the time is without any games!

This year, PDM 11 and PDM 12 decided to organize a sports week—an event started in 2006 by PDM 5.

Sports week inauguration

On 25 July 2011, at 4:30 PM, we inaugurated the event with a welcome note delivered by the sports committee coordinator, Sandeep (PDM 11). He shared the history of sports week at TDA and its relevance and explained the preparation that had been going on for the past few day by both batches of students. “It is a golden opportunity for students and faculties to interact with each other” he noted, “and it will also give a chance to staff to be a part of a sports event”.

After his remarks he invited Sangeetha Madam to formally inaugurate the event on behalf of the Academy’s director. The lamp was lit starting with Sangeetha Madam followed by all the house captains. She mentioned that “It is the best opportunity for all to interact with each other, and I hope this series of sports will be carried forward by our students in the near future also”. She also translated her introductory speech into Tamil for the sake of some of the other staff present, and motivated everyone to involve themselves in the games starting with….

The bindi challenge.... Preparation, action, and verification!

… the bindi challenge. This was one of the several “one minute games” that have been planned. In this game, as Shweta narrated in the rules, the challenge was to put the most bindis on someone else’s head within one minute’s time. Three members from each of the four teams participated, starting with team P.T. Usha and team Milkha Singh. This was followed by team Vishwanand Anand versus team Dhanya Chandra, won (again by only a two bindi margin) by team Vishwanand Anand.

Everyone lined up, awaiting further instructions...

The bindi challenge was shortly followed by the fast walk. All the members from the different houses participated in the event except the five who were involved in photography. Yogesh from P.T. Usha house won the game; he finished the race in 2 minutes and 36 seconds, followed closely by Sandeep from Dhyan Chandra house, who finished in 2 minutes 45 seconds.

With everyone tired after their fast walk, it was refreshing to sit in some chairs, at least for a little while, before the last event of the first day—musical chairs—was started. Aravind and Shilpa, the event’s coordinators, instructed each house to select five members to participate in the game.

Only two chairs were harmed during the process of this event....

The whole process of this game was very energetic and everyone was actively involved, whether it was as a participant or as a cheerleader. From the faculty’s side Sangeetha Madam, Vijaya Bharthi Madam, and Aadinarayan Sir participated alongside staff and student participants. After an exhaustive and dizzying set of round after round of circumnavigating the dwindling chairs, Sangeetha Madam secured the first place, with her direct competitor (and second place winner) being Shewta, and third place going to Uma Parvathi.

Sports week got off to a very successful start overall, even after continuous classroom sessions by both batches. After the musical chairs competition was over, everyone partook in some refreshments, and, satisfied and happy with the whole event, started thinking about the next several games to come!

UPDATE: Here is a short (shaky) video of the inauguration:


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5 Responses

  1. anurag says:

    This is great day for all the student of TDA….this spirit will continue for long run…

  2. Mila Kumar Mishra says:

    It is really interesting and sufficient enough to recall our days…

    Milan Mishra
    PDM 8

  3. shweta hegde says:

    shweta hegde here…
    A wonderful enjoyment with seniors and faculty……….thank u to all my bhayyas……..enjoy rock on……..

  4. It is very good to hear after long time sports in Tata-Dhan academy, we PDM-VII use to have Cricket match every week.
    Shanthi mam and Uma mam were very good in Shuttle play. Even we never forget our Ganesha sir who is the king of Shuttle game in TDA History.. Good initiative… Keep going… We are expecting even more such as Ethinic Dinner…

  5. Shanti Gupta says:

    Hello sir,

    Thanks for your compliments. We had ethnic dinner twice in a year but we failed to document it. Next time onward we will document it.

    Shanti Gupta (PDM 11)

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