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Play Ball!!!

Yesterday at the Academy, students and staff members participated in a cricket match. (Unfortunately, since faculty were busy in a meeting at DHAN’s Central Office, they could not participate.)

The cricket match organizers merged two houses as one team, putting the P. T. Usha and Milkha Singh houses together (led by Yogesh), and Dhyan Chandra and V. Anand houses together (led by Pashupati). Pashupati won the toss and invited Yogesh and his team for first batting. In the first inning they secured 99 runs in the allotted 12 overs. Pashupati’s team played quite poorly, loosing four wickets to Anurag in the first over. In the end, the team could secure only 27 runs.

For some people, this was their first real experience playing cricket, and they did really well. Shilpa (from the P. T. Usha house) started very well, well making 12 runs as the opening bats(wo)man. She also took one wicket and one catch.

Yogesh got the most runs in the match. The “man of the match” went to Anurag, for his excellent bowling performance. From staff’s side, Prakash secured two wickets in an over.

Overall, this was a very one-sided match for the team led by Yogesh–for which the winning team enjoyed a very energetic celebratory evening–but there are still two more matches to come to complete this series.

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3 Responses

  1. Akhileshwar Singh says:

    “I am eagerly waiting for the next two match results and update”

    >>>Yogesh got lucky as I am not his opponent anymore. “Sandeep: Good Luck My Tiger”

  2. Yogesh says:

    ha ha sir, we won the next match also. Final is in our kitty.

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