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The Badminton Battles

Badminton was scheduled for the third day of sports week, coordinated by Shanti and supported by Pashupati and Sandeep. Four players were selected from each house to participate in the competition. The first match was between Milkha Singh and Dhyan Chandra houses, followed by a match between P. T. Usha and Dhyan Chandra houses. In the semi-final games, V. Anand house won against P. T. Usha house with a closing score of 11-3. In the second match, Milkha Singh I won over Milkha Singh II with a closing score of 11-8.

Overall, six rounds of badminton were enjoyed by all. Two houses, Milkha Singh and V. Anand, will compete in the final match.

Participants from the faculty’s side were R. Sangeetha and Aadinarayan Sir; the student representatives were Ravi Raj, Shanti Gupta, Amarendra, Vineet, Pahupati, and Jitendra.

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The overall result of each match is enlisted below. (Winning teams are in bold.)

First Round

  • Milkha Singh (R. Sangeetha and Vinay) vs V. Anand (Aadinarayan and Shweta)
  • P. T. Usha (Yogesh and Vineet) vs Dhyan Chandra (Sandeep and Shanti)
  • P. T. Usha (Shilpa and Lijji) vs V. Anand (Pashupati and Jitnedra)
  • Milkha Singh (Ravi Raj and Amarendra Kumar) vs Dhyan Chandra (N.V.Aravind and Rajeev)

Semi-final Round

  • P. T. Usha (Yogesh and Vineet) vs V. Anand (Pashupati and Jitendra)
  • Milkha Singh I (Ravi Raj and Amarendra) vs Milkha Singh II (R. Sangeetha and Vinay)

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One Response

  1. vinay sankar says:

    “it was a breezy game” as Sangeeta mam put it..!

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