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Programme in Development Management

Some art showing up around the campus

While we are working on editing a few articles for posting here, I thought I would share two photos of some of the art showing up around the TDA campus.

Here are two paperweights made of broken pieces of granite, painted by Seema (PDM 12).

I’ll post more as they appear, and look out for a few articles from students in the next couple of weeks!


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7 Responses

  1. janakiraman says:

    Good work. Very creative and looks great!

  2. vineet says:

    nice job. i think we need to keep coming with such kind of creative works to avoid unnecessary wastage of things. a good effort of turning a stone in to beautiful ppr weight. hope its lighter than the conventional ones we have in our home.
    good effort… keep coming with something more.

  3. shanti gupta says:

    Excellent art !

    I am very happy to see this creative art, indeed. Hope some new arts will come to follow up scrap art.

    Shanti Gupta

  4. anurag says:

    Excellent work
    I think, now we have a talent, that have to prevent. i have Suggestion, why not we collect these arts and other innovative idea’s and preserve it and make than available for others to see these arts and other things.

  5. anurag says:

    not prevent = preserve

  6. vinay sankar says:

    Excellent work, Seema! Keep it up!
    I have a few ideas for all of us to take this to the next level.
    Hopefully, we can work together on this, once we begin Term 2!

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