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Programme in Development Management

What are the benefits of joining self-help groups?

Trying to convince communities to join self-help groups is not always easy. Many times, people have been cheated in the past, leading to a lack of trust. Or, they might not understand the strength of groups. Or, they just might not be interested.

Sandeep (PDM 11) compiled a video of some of the success stories from women who were able to start small businesses after joining Kalanjiams. He screened this video to communities to help raise awareness of self-help groups.

Note: Subtitles have been provided so that you can get the gist of the story. If anyone is capable and interested in providing more accurate subtitles, that would be fantastic!


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One Response

  1. shanti gupta says:

    Marvellous Job Sandeep!
    This video is helpful in understanding the impact of joining SHGs.

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