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Raising Awareness on Republic Day

By Shweta Hegde

Ishwarya M interacts with students of Melamattiyan village primary school during the republic day programme conducted by the PDM 12 batch.

On 26 January 2012, the PDM 12 batch awoke early to a nice cold breezy morning. We all put on white clothes and walked over to the front of our Academy where we were welcomed by the pleasant sound of patriotic songs. Each of the Academy’s students and staff who were present, several DHAN Foundation staff (who were participating in a short-duration “Development Management Appreciation Training” programme), and the villagers who had joined us, pinned an Indian flag over their hearts.

The morning’s event, anchored by Shweta Hedge, included a short march and several patriotic songs: one in Tamil sung by Ishwariya; one in Kannada sung by Shilpa, Seema, and Shweta; and one group song in Hindi. Following these songs, the flag was hoisted by our Class Representative, Seema Shastri.

What is the result of these 64 years: Mr.  Venkataraman, Professor emeritus, Madurai Kamaraj University, addresses the attendees about the history and present situation of the nation.

Our chief guest was Mr. Venkataraman, Professor emeritus, Madurai Kamaraj University, who is now working with various development programs in India and outside also. He delivered a very interesting and motivational speech, mentioning that “as a youth, you can achieve and you should do something for the nation. Today is a very special day in our country, but how many people are celebrating it grandly? The strange thing is that recently, when we had the Pongal festival in Madurai, on that day, there was no power cut. But today, in the early morning, as usual, there was a power cut. This is a sign of the lack of nationalism in the minds of people. Those who have given their blood for this country, they will not pardon these kinds of activities”.

After the speech, we were all divided into three groups, with each group going to one of the villages adopted by Tata-Dhan Academy. The idea for these “adopted villages” is to make them into a model village. The villages we visited on this day were Keelamatteyan, Melamatteyan, and Kachrairpu. In Melamatteyan, we conducted a few competitions among primary school students; in the other two villages, we had a flag hoisting ceremony and conducted a small survey regarding climate change awareness among the villagers.

Building awareness of patriotism. Students at a primary school in Melamattiyan learn about patriotism through some interactive competitions and games.

The celebration was unforgettable, but the worrying thing is that the celebration of our national festivals are often confined to government offices, educational institutions, NGOs, and private organizations. The question raised by Prof. Venkataraman echoed in our minds: is the spirit of nationalism dwindling? And, more importantly, what can we do so that we are not only celebrating our republic for one day a year?


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9 Responses

  1. Shanti Gupta says:

    Dear Shweta, your questions are right. An individual can not change the whole nation but TDA students can peculate the message of development to community at least awareness among community using right based approach. Do not worry, you will get the opportunity for innovation in our society.

    Nice motivational article and sharing of experience! Keep it up.

  2. Yogeshtt says:

    Thanks for your sharing. It was much awaited; change always take its time. I can remember last year also sir came in Academy as chief guest. That time we honored him by saying 64 year old youth. He is very energetic by nature and very much interested in youth force.
    Now it is an opportunity for you all to see in your adopted villages that where our young force are more interested- they are in right track or they are deviating. Some king of study you can have at micro level to know the instinct of village youths. I remember during PALM I we had very good discussion with Ananda and few village youths.

  3. anurag says:

    Thanks PDM-12 to share about the 26 January. in fact i am waiting about this update. In this time, you people adopt 3 villages and make it a model village, this is a good idea. I hope this will same till next 26 January and feather.

  4. Hi. Both as a alumni and faculty of TDA, I felt very happy to see your initiatives as part of your curriculum. Great job. All the best.

  5. Please correct the wording under second picture and in the paragraph followed. as “Prof.Venkataraman”. Also, it is un common to mention “retired professor”, as the title “professor” reminds lifelong and not with associated with his profession. So, Please remove the word “retired” in this article.

  6. shweta hegde says:

    Yes , Thank You so much to all of you…

  7. We could not say on the basis of powercut on the eve of Republic day, there is lack in nationalism. I am saying like this becuse for celebrating, there is no need of power and to put loud sound in front of others to disturb him/her.

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