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Building development perspectives from cultural events: Holi festival celebrations in TDA

By Shanti Gupta

Tata-Dhan Academy is an institute which provides opportunities for students to visualize their professional life as development managers. But the lessons we learn don’t all come from the classroom or the field–sometimes, even a traditional celebration helps bring new perspectives for the development professional.

India culture and heritage is incredibly rich. At the Academy, the students in PDM 11 and 12 represent both northern and southern states, providing an opportunity to experience and learn more about this rich culture. For example, in the northern states, Holi, a festival of colours, is widely celebrated. Last year, with PDM 10, we had a good celebration, and building on this, we decided to celebrate with some value addition. This year, for example, we did Holika Dahan and an ethnic lunch.

On the auspicious eve of Holi, all students lit a bonfire and did a prayer called Holika Dahan. Since some of the students of PDM 12 from southern states do not know about Holi and Holika Dahan, before we started our celebrations, Pashupati from PDM 11 told the story of Prahlad and Hornayakashyapu. After creating the shared understanding among all students we did Holika Dahan and offered our prayers, and wished each other happy Holi.

After the celebration, all of the students prepared sweets for the following day’s ethnic lunch. It was a great experience for us, staying awake until 3:30 AM preparing sweets. Even though we had lots of assignments to do, but PDM 11 and PDM 12 were actively engaged in the preparations.

The next morning–or rather, later that morning–students enjoyed Holi; after covering each other with colours, everyone looked the same. You could barely recognize who you were looking at even when looking at their faces. Really, this is a festival of colour that says there is no discrimination on the basis of social or economic status.While I was looking at all the coloured faces in front of me, I found myself thinking that one day, there will be an India where there will be no discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, and money–an India where everybody will be healthy and prosperous and live a productive life. All the students enjoyed the Holi festivities, and at the same time we took an oath that wherever we will go, we will work for the prosperity of our nation.

In eastern states there is the culture of offering colour to our elders, so we went to Academy to offer colours to our elders and get their blessings. I missed my parents and other family members on this occasion, but in TDA, the faculty play the role of parents and staff and students are like family, so in a way, I also felt quite at home.

Finally, it was time for the ethnic lunch. This time we all decided to follow our traditional culture that lunch will be offered by students and our guests will sit on earth. We decorated the TDA mess and the environment really became auspicious. Our guests all praised the food and appreciated the students’ efforts to take such an initiative to celebrate this festival on campus.

This time, we got to both celebrate Holi as a festival, as well as got to develop our event management skills–and I think the students did an awesome job! In TDA, we learn many soft skills like teamwork and time management. TDA also grooms students’ skills for bringing change in lives of people. Opportunities like these also help us reconnect as part of the larger cultural fabric of being an Indian, and builds our conviction that whenever we get a chance to practice and show our talent, we should. Furthermore, we must continue to apply our knowledge and practice our skills for the development of nation.

Here are some more photos to show how we enjoyed ourselves for this event.


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13 Responses

  1. Shanti Gupta says:

    We all enjoy and worked late night without any instruction which is called self -regulation. Everybody praised the efforts put by students.

  2. Shanti Gupta says:

    Reblogged this on Development Missionary's Voice and commented:
    Here are glimpse of Holi celebration in TDA

  3. Hi, both as alumni & faculty , I submit my cordial wishes to pdm11 &12 for making it happen. Special thanks to shanti for drafting the process. Feel like my academy days!

    • Shanti Gupta says:

      Thanks sir for your compliments. Sharing ideas and events on student blog is our responsibility as a student of TDA. Thanks for your regular visits and encouragements.

  4. Dr.Jaiparkash says:

    Happy Holi to you and your all team members.

    From the team of Extension programmes Dept. Shree Krishana Hospital Karamsad Gujarat

  5. Shanti Gupta says:

    Thanks Jai Prakash sir. I really miss you all but you have visited our student blog; this is one of the privilede for all students in Tata- Dhan Academy.
    Again Thanks and Regards to Extension Programme Department, Charutar Arogya mandal. Karamsad (Gujarat).

  6. anamul says:

    Interesting stuff from PDM – XI & XII. Cheers! Holi hai bhai holi hai.
    Importantly, every batch had continued to add their creative layers in the building of the academy. Janki will agree with this. This definitely add to the colours of our academy.

    Best of luck to you all.

  7. Holi celebration was awesome day for me becuse we played a lot with dancing and enjoyment. This is second time for me as being student of Tata-Dhan Academy. First time we had celebrated with PDM-10 and this time we celebrated with PDM-12 with some value addition.
    I will never forget these sweet memories…

  8. Chandrashekar.K. says:

    i remember PDM III batch we enjoyed in tda. Nice to see photos

  9. vineet says:

    great to see u ppl kept holy alive in deep pockets of south. it must have been a pleasure for those who played it for the first time. all colourfull faces. but no faculty members ? but the best pic was of the moustach man painted in 3 different colours. it was a funny site. keep posting and keep ur gud work going. hey but next time make sure Ananda should be a must presence with his cute daughter. gud luck ahead and thaanks for the post.

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