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Programme in Development Management

Budget Watch and Dialogue, 2012-13

By Sandeep Kumar

The annual Budget Watch and Dialogue on the Union Budget with Development Perspective has been organized by the Tata-Dhan Academy for the last six years. The dialogue is conducted on the same day that the Finance Minister presents the Union Budget in the Indian Parliament, and includes a pre-budget discussion and post-budget reflection.

This year, the dialogue was attended by academicians, NGO representatives, media representatives, and faculty and students from different Madurai colleges.

A unique feature this year was the leadership undertaken by Tata-Dhan Academy students in organizing the event under the guidance of Dr. Damodar Jena, Faculty and Research Coordinator of the Tata-Dhan Academy. There was also very high participation from the Madurai college student community.

The event started with an introductory “question and answer” session on the concepts and components of the Union Budget. Dr. Jena presented an overview of the Fiscal Behaviour of the Indian Economy, after which students shared some of the sectoral patterns that could be identified.

After watching the budget and having lunch, a panels comprising practitioners and the student community led discussions on different issues and questions relating to the budget and their implications on the Indian economy as a whole.

The four sectors under which discussions emerged were one panel each on agriculture (facilitated by Ravi, Sandeep, Anurag, and Yogesh); industry and employment (facilitated by Pashupati and Shanti); social and welfare (facilitated by Amarendra and Anurag); and an open forum on environment, climate change, defense, and other government policies (under which Aravind facilitated discussions on environmental related issues).

Although the event itself was quite enjoyable, for students, the preparation process itself also contributed a lot of opportunities to learn. It was also appreciable that PDM 12 actively contributed in preparing wall charts, banners, and handouts to share with the audience.

Overall it was a great team effort under the mentorship of Dr. Jena who shown his immense faith in us, and provided space for a young PDM team to learn.

Oh… And we also got some press!


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4 Responses

  1. vineet says:

    oh great. good job .but i think you might would have presented some more facts and described some happenings and some interesting questions or any new experience, which would have added more flavour to it. its always a nice feeling to be a part of such an excercise.

  2. Yogesh says:

    Yes we tried our best to do all what you expected from us. Jena sir guided us also we took it as challenge so overall performance was satisfactory.

  3. Shanti Gupta says:

    Budget event in Tata-Dhan Academy is one of the milestone for me. I learn in the whole process (Preparation and presentation) and in future I would like to participate again.

  4. Amarendra says:

    Budget literacy was one of the most important event for me in TDA life, where I have learnt a lot about it, from preparation to presenting on desk in front of hundred people with the guidance of Jena sir. It was very good experience for me.

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