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Programme in Development Management

Heritage 2012: Inauguration

The inauguration function of Heritage started sharply at 10 AM and was anchored by TDA Faculty Mrs. Vijayabharati. On the stage were the chief guests Mr. Vasimalai, Dr. Venkataraman, Mr. Vedacharan, Mr. K. P. Bharthi, Mr. Ponnu Swami, and TDA Director, Mrs. A. Umarani. The function was started with a prayer from Somya, Smriti, and Shilpa, and readings by Vinay and Garima.

After the prayer Vinit delivered the welcome speech. Mrs. Vijyabharthi then invited the chief guests, participants and Anurag for lighting the lamp of knowledge.

Mrs. Vijayabharathi, then described the “history” of Heritage and explained the concept of 3 Ds (do, document, and disseminate) and 3 Rs (relate, respect, and relevant). She mentioned that the Heritage concept was “seeded by PDM 11 and implemented by PDM 12 and supported by the PDM 13 students”. Then she invited chief guest Dr. Venkataraman to give a speech.

Dr. Venkataraman’s speech was very inspirational, and focused on the importance of Heritage. He raised many historical points related to culture. He gave an example of how some cultural presence has persisted throughout different eras of civilization in India. He said that “Culture is general, and heritage is particular,” adding that “noble thoughts come from every part of the world.” He also mentioned that culture can be both tangible and intangible and that India as a country is very diverse, but fundamentally united. He added that people can be identified because of their culture.

Mr. Ponnu Swami, applauded the event and remarked that “it is a good event and it needs to be continued next year.”

Mr. Vasimalai described how PDM 11 and PDM 12 students had earlier participated in the Yukti event of TSM. From there, he said, the TDA students were inspired to conduct a similar event. Moreover he added that preserving culture and heritage is very important. He told a story of one of his visits to France for a conference. In between events, they had a break, and they played a 400-year-old traditional game. In this way, they were preserving their Heritage, and he had respect for that. He said similarly, we have so many different traditions and practices, even cultural games taht were played during childhood, that are quickly being forgotten. Now is the time to change that pattern, and preserve these aspects of our heritage for the generations to come.

Finally, Mr. Vasimalai declared the events open, and participants proceeded to their respective venues.

Inauguration at Keelamattaiyan Village

Following the inauguration at the Academy’s campus, we visited Keelamattaiyan village for the inauguration there. The villagers gave us great hospitality with their folk dances and different songs. They came wearing their traditional clothes and bringing flowers. They gave some roses to us, and took us to their temple where they told us the temple’s history.

We also joined with them in their traditional dances and folk songs. The villagers also provided some light refreshments to us. After this, they showed us their traditional occupations and games. When walking through the village we met with other villagers and got to learn a lot about Keelamattaiyan. We were all very interested in the types of work that the villagers were engaged in, and they were very supportive and cooperative.

Here are some photos, including the inaugural events at Keelamatteyan village.

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