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Heritage: Spreading the Fragrance of Culture and Development to Youth

The two-day inter-college Heritage event is currently under way at Tata-Dhan Academy. We thought it would be appropriate to share some of the background to how this event evolved.

The idea evolved after PDM 11 and PDM 12 students participated in the Yukti programme offered by TSM students. Mr. Vasimalai, Mrs. A Umarani, and several others discussed about what the event could be, and proposed to the PDM 11 batch that they think about what type of event they could organize. At the time, the PDM 11 batch was about to leave for their Exposure to Development Organisations (EDO), but some preliminary discussions were held, and it was agreed that this was something we could and should do.

After PDM 11 returned from their EDO, the actual work got started. A meeting was arranged for faculty, staff, TDA alumni, federation members, and students from PDM 11 and PDM 12. The deliverables were listing out of the events, finalizing the number of colleges and students, and planning the way forward. This process began with a discussion among Mr. Vasimalai and a team of students comprising Ravi Raj, Yogesh Bhatt, Anurag Asthana, Sandeep Kumar, and Shanti Gupta from PDM 11, and Vinay Sankar and Shweta Hegde from PDM 12.

Following the discussion, the next action plan was identifying sources for funds for the event. For this, the two batches intensively discussed and quickly wrote a concept note and an operational note describing the 11 events, the rules and guidelines, and the event coordinators. The name “Heritage” was proposed by the faculty and agreed upon and finalized by the students.

Immediately following this, a meeting was held to finalize the village component of Heritage; the discussions helped to identify means of involving the community in the different events.

This was the first draft of the poster (mistakes included) that Sandeep designed after just a few minutes of training on how to use Inkscape for graphic design. Not bad!

At this point, the proposed date for Heritage was 20 and 21 April 2012. Sandeep learned how to use some graphic-design software and quickly drafted a poster. The faculty cultural event co-ordinator Mrs. Vijayabharthi and a team of students from PDM 11 visited colleges around Madurai; however, we quickly realized that because other students would be busy with their exams at that time, Heritage would need to be postponed.

Although the event was postponed, work on Heritage did not stop. PDM 11 students decided that Heritage was their child, and made sure that all of their plans were well-documented so that another batch would be able to implement the event with ease. This was shared with the Academy’s director, who expressed her wish of implementing the event through PDM 12 and PDM 13 students.

The immediate follow-up was to determine the ideal time for conducting Heritage. After exploring the convenience of other colleges, the date was set as 11 and 12 August 2012. A new action plan was evolved with the input of the TDA faculty to be able to simultaneously accommodate a busy academic schedule with preparatory work for Heritage which included conducting a village assessment report of the selected village (Keelamatteyan), fundraising, designing the brochure and poster, and mobilizing students from different colleges.

Today, the events have started, and in time, we will post some of the interesting stories from it.

In the meantime, you can visit the Heritage website for more information about the purpose of the event and the types of activities that will be conducted today and tomorrow. A PDF brochure is also available.


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8 Responses

  1. Yogesh says:

    Simply love it; we all were excited about heritage ceremony when we were in Academy. Finally that day is today.
    My best wishes to all my juniors in PDM XII and XIII; our respective faculties, staff members, and my colleague Anurag, Arvind, and Sandeep who find out time from their job schedule and taking active participation in this event.

    • Ananda Mahto says:


      I’m not there in Madurai, but Rajeev has already started sending me some of the event updates. I’m waiting for a few photos, and will definitely be posting a few updates today and tomorrow about what’s going on.

  2. Shanti Gupta says:

    First of all my heartiest wishes to PDM 12 and 13 batch for giving a shape to the idea of ‘Heritage’. I failed to attend the event but I know I will get enough updates. My best wishes are with all the members who are part of the event for making ‘Heritage’ as a history in Tata-Dhan Academy.

  3. subodh says:

    Hi, Heritage is started in first season we went to village where we saw so-many cultural event ,two round of debate is also completed now,final round will be start at 3pm.Quiz competition also completed in first half.

  4. shweta hegde says:

    Finally our dream came in to reality, we have done it…thanks one and all..

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