Tata-Dhan Academy: PDM


Programme in Development Management

Chitralekha: Drawing

The Chitralekha event started with a formal invitation by the villagers of Keelamattaiyan. The 14 participants observed the village closely, and took the opportunity to experience the tradition, culture, traditional games, folk dances, and traditional foods.

Later, at 3 PM, the event was moved to Neithal, Mullai, Marutham, and Kurinji blocks of the Tata-Dhan Academy where the actual drawing competition started after an orientation by the event coordinators. After the resulting artwork was presented, participants were asked to answer selected questions about the ideas they captured in their work.

The expectation has been met; the flow of the event was also very smooth. The opportunities for observation were good, and the participants were all able to express their thoughts well after they had completed their paintings. They were also able to identify very clearly some of the issues relating to poverty in Keelamattaiyan village and look at them from different perspectives.

The peaceful and silent environment of Neithal, Mullai, Marutham and Kurinji blocks made participants to involve fully and the active participants by the students made the event more interesting. In the end, colors spoke silently regarding poverty in Keelamattaiyan.

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2 Responses

  1. Yogesh Bhatt says:

    Juniors please share more photographs with Ananda so we all will enjoy the show.

  2. Shanti Gupta says:

    Drawing is a innovative way to express the ideas, thoughts and moreover the inner feeling. Hope the participants have experienced the culture and captured in their drawings.

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