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Marketing of Rural Products

The “Marketing of Rural Products” event at Heritage is a unique action-oriented event. The participants of this event were students from management, engineering, agriculture, and arts colleges in Madurai.

In the first phase of this event, the participnats went to Keelamattayan village and interacted with the villagers. They asked about their traditional products and the indigenous practices alive in their community. They also observed the village condition and tried to understand the problems the community faced.

The participants tried to identify different rural products and the difficulties in marketing them. Many participants went with their own ideas, but these changed after speaking with the villagers and understanding the actual marketing chain; sometimes, they were also able to change the minds of the villagers. This included gathering information about the availability of raw materials, demand, and the amount of income that could be generated by such products. In one case, villagers had mentioned that cow-dung cakes was a useless product, but the students thought it was a good product because it does not need any further investment and the raw materials can be obtained easily in the village. Similar interesting discussions happened in the process.

After lunch, the participants of this event discussed about the traditional rural products in their teams and they gave their feedback how they felt with community and what they learnt from the community. They described ways in which youth can help generate income for their community. After feedback, they participated in a quiz related to rural product marketing.

The final round of this event will happen on 12 August 2012. In the final round, each team will present their plans on how to promote their selected rural products in the market.


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2 Responses

  1. shanti says:

    Great effort of all the participants being from corporate sector. It is my assumption that apart from TDAites none of them are from development sector but they take initiative to market the rural product. My best wishes are with all the participants.

  2. Yogeshtt says:

    Since beginning of rural marketing event, it was the core idea that youth should not look villages as a huge potential demand center for daily changing market products.Our villages can also produce innovative products which can compete in perfect market and can satisfy urban consumer. Through this event we can explore unique ideas of students that how our federations or village units can ensure village products presence in urban market.

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