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Programme in Development Management

Sanskriti: Traditional Dress

Sanskriti is about how Indian culture is evolving according to who we are today. It is not just keeping traditions as they are, but changing ways of doing things while upholding strong eminence. India state costumes are unique to the religion and the culture of the particular state and vary to a great extent. Each state of India has their own traditional costumes and attires that are deeply rooted in the state’s history, religion, tradition, customs, and culture.

In the Sanskriti event, 12 students participated from three colleges (TSM, American Engineering College, and Vivekananda Degree College). Each student explored their consciousness on different traditions.

It was amazing that all the three teams performed well with different costumes. American College students Gopi Shankar and Senthil performed about a very ancient culture of India named Thodi. “Thodi” culture is far removed form modern India; they still do not have a money system (they follow the barter system) and they wear only white clothes in a different style. One team from TSM, Nivedita and Boomika, presented themselves with costumes of girls from Meghalaya and Assam. They welcomed audience with music and dance. The third team from Vivekananda College presented an act on “Nattamai”. It was based on the ancient village justice system in Tamil Nadu.

Children from the village also participated in Sanskriti. They came in different traditional costumes of Tamil Nadu and impressed the judges and all audiences. The spirit in performance of students elucidated their interest, concern, and acquaintance about different cultures of India.

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