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Programme in Development Management

Blossoming Days in TDA

Yoga (PDM 13)

By Soumya Bhat

Days  are going very fast, in TDA.  Seniors are well placed, their farewell party over, they went too. I wish all my seniors good luck and hoping the healthy number of juniors.

At the same time our second fieldwork-2 presentation report everything finished. And immediately we have been promoted to the third term.

Academy gave us a welcome to the new term very attractively, it has been started with the “Yoga” classes, we have been taught “Yoga” for starting 2 days on 3/6/2013 and 4/6/2013 and which continues.

The event has started with the introduction of the team which came to teach us, by Mrs. A. Umarani, Director, Tata-Dhan Academy,. Then the event handed over to Dr. Ravichandran, Gandhi grama University and his team member Mr. Gangadhar. Dr. Ravichandran handled the theoretical class about The Yogas, its history and the origin, also he had deal with some of the relaxation techniques.

Afternoon sessions were taken by another team from the Gandhi museum, Mr. Sethu, Mr.Rajesh, and Mr. they taught the different asanas, and it was the practical session.

The next day also it was continued by the team members from the Gandhi Museum, Madurai, they continued the pranayamas. We are the proud student of TDA learnt warm up exercises, quick relaxation techniques, deep relaxation techniques, 6standing asanas,  3 lying exercises, 6 supine asanas, 7 pranayams. The day ends up with the words of Ms. Garima Mishra, Class Representative,  PDM-13.

We, all the students knew the importance of the healthy practices like ‘Yoga’ in the student life and hopefully we all student practicing every day.

I wish all my friends to get success throughout the year.


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3 Responses

  1. mrdwab says:

    Soumya, Great to see a new post here. I hope you continue to have more similarly attractive features throughout the term, and that you continue to write about them here on the blog!

  2. Yogesh says:

    Good to see at least one blog is now updated and I must appreciate that someone has taken this initiative to write on student blog. Please continue it and share your field experiences. Nice article on Yoga as it is one integrated part of our course curriculum.

  3. Shanti Gupta says:

    Well done PDM 13 students! It is good to see that all students are enjoying and appreciating Yoga.
    Best of luck for term 3 and keep the same spirit.

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