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By Soumya Bhat

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Aadi maasam plays a vital role in Tamil Nadu, because Aadi is a package of festivals and joy. The Aadi maasam starts from mid of July to mid of August. The festivals in Aadi maasam are

  • Aadi Chevvai
  • Aadi Velli
  • Aadi Amavasai
  • Aadi Pooram
  • Varalakshmi Pooja
  • Aadi Perukku
  • Aadi Karthigai

Likewise August month is precious for Tata-Dhan Academy; because the Academy experiences the celebration of college festival called “Heritage”. This year by virtue TDA has celebrated Heritage on the day of “Aadi pooram” at Thenkarai village.

“Heritage” is an inter college event where the students from different colleges of Madurai come and participate in different events. It is a unique event, unlike other competition, it visions to sensitize the youth about the heritage of our ancestors.

The event “Heritage” has specialty in trying to build again the exterminating heritage and culture of India. It is an opportunity to look back, enjoy, conserve and safe transfer to next generation.

Heritage 2013 was an edition to the “Heritage-2012”. The focus of the HERITAGE-2013 was “Exploring Traditions”. There were 75 students representing 6 colleges of arts, science and management and village communities of “Thenkarai” near Sholavandan. It was a two-day event which was conducted on August 9 and 10, 2013. The “HERITAGE 2013” included the events in which both the students and the village communities would participate. The PDM students of Tata-Dhan Academy would design and conduct the “HERITAGE 2013”. The different events are Loksangeet, Chintan, Lekha, Vrattchitra, Medha, Sahyog, Netratv, Varnaleka, Bhumika, Marketing and Pradarshan.

This “Adi masam” plays important role in farming, the farmers who cultivate the paddy, start seedling of paddy in this month, like wise in TDA, PDM 11 planned for “Heriatge”, PDM 12 have sown the “Heritage” and PDM 13 were seedling the “HERITAGE”.

My best wishes for “Heritage-2014”, and PDM 14 who were also the part of “Heriatge-2013”.


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