Tata-Dhan Academy: PDM


Programme in Development Management

About the Tata-Dhan Academy

Students studying in the fieldThe Tata-Dhan Academy was created as a Centre of Excellence in Development Management Education in December 2000 by the DHAN Foundation in partnership with the Sir Ratan Tata Trust. The Academy’s focus is on its two-year Programme in Development Management (PDM) during which students learn to become development professionals and development entrepreneurs. After completing the programme, students possess a multi-disciplinary set of skills relevant to the development context.

In addition to the PDM, the Academy also offers short Development Management Programmes (DMP) to improve the skills of current practitioners and other development players. These programmes—covering areas such as microfinance, micro insurance, and leadership education—also aim to professionalize NGO operations and those of the development sector in general, ultimately improving efficiency and effectiveness. To facilitate relevant practical learning, the Academy emphasizes building upon the knowledge gained by these groups from their firsthand experiences. The Academy also strongly promotes practitioners as teachers, experiential learning, and knowledge-building through a structured action-reflection-action process. The DMP’s goal is to develop high-quality techno-managerial competencies supported by appropriate motivations, values, and attitudes necessary for working with people—the disadvantaged in particular—while “building people’s organizations to build people”.


The Tata-Dhan Academy aims at becoming a Centre of Excellence in development management education, training, and research.


  • Induct and groom young graduates as development professionals
  • Build the capacity of practitioners in the development sector
  • Build and enable a world of knowledge and practice through action-reflection and by adapting global knowledge

2 Responses

  1. Hi.
    Great work! Regards to Site moderator and students. After a long time I visited this site. Lots of changes. I’m really happy to explore with recent events and developments here. Will it be possible to create an additional page for PDM Alumni? Alumni can also share their articles and events through this blog. Also, I request you to upload Photos of TDA – new campus here, as most of the first generation PDMites are not knowing about the new campus.

    • Ananda Mahto says:

      Thanks for the feedback Janakiraman. Let’s get in touch about how to facilitate more alumni-related activity on the site–I think it would be a great addition. Until something more systematic is in place, alumni can always email articles to the Academy, addressed to me, and I will see about getting them posted. Also, I’ll work on getting some photos of the new campus up.

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