Tata-Dhan Academy: PDM


Programme in Development Management

About the PDM

Students work well into the evening to complete a Venn diagram activityThe Programme in Development Management (PDM) is a two-year five-term master’s programme. Graduates are awarded a Post Graduate Diploma in Development Management (PGDDM).

Students who complete the PDM will:

  • Understand the intricate relationship between grassroots-level micro-realities (including those of villages, livelihoods, rural social change, and poverty) and macro-realities (including government policies, macroeconomics, globalization, and the legal environment).
  • Have the research capabilities necessary to identify development issues and develop reasonable interventions.
  • Be equipped with managerial tools and techniques for building people organizations and livelihood development activities.
  • Have strong people-focused skills necessary for things like dealing with people, building teams and organizations, and motivating people.
  • Be creative, conceptual, and critical in thoughts and action.

The PDM students are exposed to the realities at grassroots to understand livelihoods of the poor communities, the issues of poverty and social changes happening at micro level. Also, the macro realities such as government policies, globalisation, and macro economic and legal environment are unveiled to them. The students broaden their perspectives through understanding the interrelationships between all these stakeholders and environments.

The core values of excellence, enabling, equity, creativity, and discipline inherent in each of the different segments of PDM serve as the vital thread running through the entire programme. The PDM is thus committed to producing high quality dedicated development professionals with appropriate motivation, values, and ethics, who will create and manage strong and vibrant people’s organisations to improve the lives of the poor.


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