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Programme in Development Management

About this Site

Group reflection following completion of one of the PRA techniques.

Students at the Tata-Dhan Academy often find themselves busy engaged in a great variety of work. Unfortunately, these assignments and projects often never get to be shared with a wider audience than between the student and faculty. Here, we will periodically showcase some student work from current and former PDM batches.

In addition to academic work, however, we also want to share some more about what student life is like at the Academy, including field visits, special events, other student activities, and resources for others interested in development work and the subjects offered at the Academy.

For more information about the Tata-Dhan Academy—including the other programmes and activities conducted by the Academy—please visit their official homepage.


10 Responses

  1. suneethavalleti says:

    I shall be happy to see good suggestions for PDM 9 admissions.

  2. sumitvij says:

    Thanks for visiting our TDA blog and i hope it is becoming popular among the facultiies.

    I think the hot topic which is on the charts of TDA is regarding the admissions of PDM-IX. I think we should use this blog to discuss about the reasons of the failure in the admissions and should come up with some pragmatic ideas for marketing of TDA and the PDM course.

  3. keshawbhardwaj says:

    Hi Sumit,

    Can we PDM IX batch be a part of this blog or we have to wait until October?

    Suneetha madam’s concern is very right and I think a constructive discussion on PDM IX admissions is the order of the day.

    I am surprised what are you waiting for? There is no link for PDM IX under Categories.

    The point is should NGO/NPO avoid Branding?

    “Many times marketing is seen as a dirty word in the non-profit sector. A necessarily evil that no one admits spending too much time or money on. But to build a successful non-profit organization to help people, you still need to follow the laws of branding. Because powerful non-profit brands will raise more money, attract more volunteers and help more people.”


  4. jkram says:

    Hi TDAites,

    It great to get you all in this wordpress. its novel and needed one. Expand your wings to all the PDM batches. Lets make a strong platform for sharing development affairs. I’ll be interested to participate with you all.

    Regards to Anandha. Great work & lets keep going.


  5. Ananda Mahto says:

    Suneetha – Thank you for raising the topic of admissions here. I plan to write a more comprehensive post and perhaps we can move the discussion there….

    Sumit – You mentioned what you considered a failure in the admissions to the PDM. While I understand your concerns, I would be reluctant to call it that. Again, I’ll explain my perspective more thoroughly, but numbers are only one factor in deciding how to run a programme.

    Keshaw – We gladly welcome PDM 9-ers to join this blog! Give us some content for a new PDM 9 category and we’ll be glad to get it online…. And for branding? You guessed it—see my post to come.

    Janakiraman – I think you’ve got the best contacts for PDM alumni. If you can either pass email addresses on to me or spread the word, we can hopefully build a strong dynamic force.

  6. jkram says:

    Yes Ananda.

    I have the defalut responsibility of sharing and streangtning such initiative with all alumni as “Alumni Coordinator”.

    As you suggested, I have posted about this web pages in our pdm alumni group id. I think most of the PDM alumni from 1st batch to 7th batch will be soon visiting and trigger vibrency of these discussions.

    We have 93 alumni around us. And most of the alumni are doing great works. It can also act as a platform to appreciate their contributions to development and refine their initiatives by our reflections.

    PDM 9ers are most welcome; happy to see their enthusiasm.

    Lets all join our hands to sculpture our efforts!


  7. Ananda Mahto says:

    This is just to advise everyone that all discussions regarding admissions should be moved to the Admissions at the TDA post.

  8. anamul says:

    Hi TDA fellows,

    Well done. Hope we all get in touch on this platform. Whosoever is administrating this blog, please open separate links for all PDMs. Also try to give options to TDA students/alumnus to upload documents/photos/links etc.

    Thanks to the lead members for adding one more feather to academy.


    PDM VI

  9. rameshmaturi says:

    Hi all T-DAites,

    Great work!

    Helpful for all of us to put together all our experiences and interact to each other.

    Best regards,


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