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Budget Watch and Dialogue, 2012-13

By Sandeep Kumar

The annual Budget Watch and Dialogue on the Union Budget with Development Perspective has been organized by the Tata-Dhan Academy for the last six years. The dialogue is conducted on the same day that the Finance Minister presents the Union Budget in the Indian Parliament, and includes a pre-budget discussion and post-budget reflection.

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What is the “Development Dialogue”?

Students of Tata-Dhan Academy, apart from their regular academic curriculum, also initiate and organize development related debates and discussion among the students and the faculties. The event is termed the “Development Dialogue” and was started by the PDM-VI batch. Generally, (1) the Academic committee chooses the topic of discussion with the consensus of other students and faculties, (2) the editorial committee prepares a concept or background paper for discussion, (3) students and faculty comment on the paper for about a week, and finally, (4) two students prepare a presentation and initiate the discussion.

Last week students of PDM-VIII organized a Development Dialogue on the status of sex workers in India. A summary of the discussions and proceedings (along with the presentation) will be posted soon, but in the meantime, we invite others to share their views on the topic. Also, please share some ideas for forthcoming Development Dialogues!

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