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Some Much Delayed Updates!

PDM 12 is back from their second DPS and are now in their final term. PDM 13 is just getting ready to develop their skills as development researchers. And, a lot has happened in between.

While we wait for stories from both batches, today, I’ll post a few pending articles that are much overdue. My apologies go out to both the authors and readers for this delay!

To start with, here is a brief slideshow of some experiences from DPS 1 for PDM 12.


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Medha: The Development Quiz

The development quiz was the first competition to be completed at Heritage 2012. The quiz focused on social and economic development issues. There were 10 participants from four colleges: Agriculture College and Research Institute, Madurai; Thiagarajar College of Engineering; Thiagarajar School of Management; and V. V. College.

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Heritage: Spreading the Fragrance of Culture and Development to Youth

The two-day inter-college Heritage event is currently under way at Tata-Dhan Academy. We thought it would be appropriate to share some of the background to how this event evolved.

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Budget Watch and Dialogue, 2012-13

By Sandeep Kumar

The annual Budget Watch and Dialogue on the Union Budget with Development Perspective has been organized by the Tata-Dhan Academy for the last six years. The dialogue is conducted on the same day that the Finance Minister presents the Union Budget in the Indian Parliament, and includes a pre-budget discussion and post-budget reflection.

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The Badminton Battles

Badminton was scheduled for the third day of sports week, coordinated by Shanti and supported by Pashupati and Sandeep. Four players were selected from each house to participate in the competition. The first match was between Milkha Singh and Dhyan Chandra houses, followed by a match between P. T. Usha and Dhyan Chandra houses. In the semi-final games, V. Anand house won against P. T. Usha house with a closing score of 11-3. In the second match, Milkha Singh I won over Milkha Singh II with a closing score of 11-8.

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Budget Dialogue in the Press

I think there was some inaccurate information here, but still good to get some press on the event. This is from Dinamalar, Madurai Edition, 1 March 2011 (sub-page 4).

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Accepting Applications for the 12th Post-Graduate Diploma in Development Management

Application submission deadline: 15 February 2011

The Tata-Dhan Academy is currently accepting applications for the 12th Post Graduation in Development Management. Applications should be submitted on or before 15 February 2011.

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No to Plastic Bags: A Thought for Action

Although saying “no” to plastic bags might seem like a simple task, to achieve a plastic-bag-free environment truly requires social change. It necessitates a change in me, you, and everyone. But all of us today are caught in an era of consumerism, and many aspects of our modern lifestyle is full of plastic. This article is based on the field insights that I gained while collecting data for the preparation of Kanyakumari’s district human development report.

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A Decade’s Experience of Development Management Education

Early in August 2010, eight students graduated from the Tata-Dhan Academy to enter into their careers in the development sector. They represented our ninth batch of graduates. To date, more than one hundred students—117 students from 17 states to be precise—have moved on from the Academy to help to improve the lives of thousands of people throughout India. These graduates are working on diverse projects ranging from primary education to water management to self-help group promotion to environmental protection to… well… at the Tata-Dhan Academy, we like to think that our graduates would be able to handle anything that is put in front of them!

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Third Convocation of the Programme in Development Management

Check back later for some pics of the Third Convocation of the Programme in Development Management, but in the meantime, check out the following article in The Hindu: The Hindu : Cities / Madurai : EC to lay stress on parity of terms for removal of Commissioners.

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