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CaseAndStoriesOne of the elective courses sometimes offered to students at the Tata-Dhan Academy is “Specialized Writing”. In this course, students explore some of the different forms of written expression beyond the typical report, and one of the specific topics we usually cover is the overlap and differences between cases and stories.

This booklet compiles “cases” and “stories” from three students from PDM 10 (Dushasana Mahanta, Kunj Bihari Pratap, and Akhileshwar Singh), and includes illustrations by Seema Shastri of PDM 12.

Following is the Introduction to the booklet, by the course facilitator, Ananda Mahto.

Download the PDF to enjoy the cases, stories, and illustrations in their entirety.

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Some art showing up around the campus

While we are working on editing a few articles for posting here, I thought I would share two photos of some of the art showing up around the TDA campus.

Here are two paperweights made of broken pieces of granite, painted by Seema (PDM 12).

I’ll post more as they appear, and look out for a few articles from students in the next couple of weeks!

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