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Amma’s Story… — Bada Kala

Transcribed and translated by Shweta Hegde

An interesting part of all of our field segments is getting to interact and learn from communities. There is often a wealth of undocumented culture, including songs, dances, beliefs, and stories. During my first DPS, I got a chance to hear many interesting stories. Here is one such story:

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My actual work has started…

By Shweta Hegde

Development Practice Segment (DPS) is an opportunity work at the grassroots level to organize the community. During our earlier fieldwork segments, we focused on information collection, interpretation, and analysis. However, as the segment’s title implies, DPS is action oriented. Here, we have started our actual work!

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My Days with a Tribal Community

By Shweta Hegde

“Madam, you are coming from foreign. What will you do here? We are happy here, tell to your Government to not give any trouble to us. This forest is our home and we know how to protect it. We will not give any information to you. We know that the Government has sent you here and you will submit a report on us to the Government and they want to displace us. Go, and save your life.”

This was the scolding I got on my first day of my first fieldwork when I approached the village leader. The scolding came from the village leader’s wife, and the village they represented was truly an isolated tribal one. In fact, they did not even know that there was a country called India; even more, they did not know anything more of the world than Mysore and Bangalore!

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Raising Awareness on Republic Day

By Shweta Hegde

Ishwarya M interacts with students of Melamattiyan village primary school during the republic day programme conducted by the PDM 12 batch.

On 26 January 2012, the PDM 12 batch awoke early to a nice cold breezy morning. We all put on white clothes and walked over to the front of our Academy where we were welcomed by the pleasant sound of patriotic songs. Each of the Academy’s students and staff who were present, several DHAN Foundation staff (who were participating in a short-duration “Development Management Appreciation Training” programme), and the villagers who had joined us, pinned an Indian flag over their hearts.

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