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Programme in Development Management

Processes of Group Formation

By Smriti Gupta

Development Practice Segment (DPS) was a very unique experience in my Tata-Dhan Academy life. It was the first time for me to stay in a tribal area: Malwasi Panchayat, Ratlam District, Madhya Pradesh.

The objectives of DPS 1 include:

  • Building and shaping our attitudes: Learning to listen and learn from communities, adapt to any development situation, empathize with communities, and develop confidence to face uncertainties in the field.
  • Developing people-focused skills in understanding diverse development contexts and needs: Establishing rapport and building trust with the communities, understand development issues as well as organizational issues, and designing intervention approaches and strategies.
  • Converting our classroom lessons to field action: The concepts learned during our classroom segments should be applied, and new lessons from the field should be brought back to increase the knowledge-base available for forthcoming batches.

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My actual work has started…

By Shweta Hegde

Development Practice Segment (DPS) is an opportunity work at the grassroots level to organize the community. During our earlier fieldwork segments, we focused on information collection, interpretation, and analysis. However, as the segment’s title implies, DPS is action oriented. Here, we have started our actual work!

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What are the benefits of joining self-help groups?

Trying to convince communities to join self-help groups is not always easy. Many times, people have been cheated in the past, leading to a lack of trust. Or, they might not understand the strength of groups. Or, they just might not be interested.

Sandeep (PDM 11) compiled a video of some of the success stories from women who were able to start small businesses after joining Kalanjiams. He screened this video to communities to help raise awareness of self-help groups.

Note: Subtitles have been provided so that you can get the gist of the story. If anyone is capable and interested in providing more accurate subtitles, that would be fantastic!

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IDRC Food Security Project: Two Videos from DPS 1, PDM 11

The IDRC Food Security Project is a research-based project which is focusing on small millets cultivation in rainfed farming areas of India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Three development NGOs have taken the responsibility to implement this project: DHAN (India), LIBARD (Nepal), and Arthacharva (Sri Lanka).

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A visit to Lohanipur Slum

Amarendra Kumar (PDM 11) visited Lohanipur Slum during his first fieldwork and had the following video to share:

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The (re)Beginning…

After an extremely long break in updating this site (over a year!) the Tata-Dhan Academy is happy to resume publishing with this video produced by the eight batch of PDM students titled “The Beginning…”

The video was produced as part of the “Audio-Visual Communication for Development” elective course offered with the support of DHAN Foundation’s Centre for Development Communication. Our sincere thanks go to P Krishnamurthi and his team who were able to put the polishing touches on this video.

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Talent at the Academy

AKA “We don’t just read and study here…”

One of the things that makes me excited about being a teacher is that I get to be around interesting people all the time. In the process of working (both with my colleagues and with my students) you get to learn a lot about them. I always like when they share their hidden (or not so hidden) talents.

Here are two videos that illustrate some of the talent you can expect at the Academy. The first is of two students, Sumit (cooking) and Mate (playing the guitar), rehearsing for the Bihar Ethnic Dinner. Talk about multi-tasking, right? The food was delicious, the song worked out great, and everyone had a great time. The second video is of Shanthi singing a song to the PDM 7 students at the end of their programme. Shanthi seems to always be able to come up with a song for any occasion, and her songs seem to defy the confines of age.

In time, I hope that we can highlight the talents of all of our students and faculty on this site.

Anyway, rather than making you read more, just enjoy the videos. (Sorry about the sound quality; there’s only so much you can do with a little digital camera, right?)

By the way, you can always go to Google Video to download any of these videos for viewing offline. The easiest way to find them is to simply search for “tdapdm” or to subscribe to the “tdapdm” video RSS feed.

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Aside from core courses, students at the Academy also get to take elective courses to give them additional training or to give them a chance to specialize in a particular area. For PDM 7, one of the courses we offered as an elective was “Audio/Visual Communication for Development”—a course in which students can learn how to plan, film, and edit short films.

Seven students enrolled in this elective when it was offered to PDM 7: Bharathi S, Balu I, Karthik Chandra Prushti, Lalitha R, Rani O R, Shyamal Santra, and Vinod Kumar Pandey. They created a short video, Towards…, which was designed around the following Albert Einstien quotation:

Every day, on hundreds of occasions, I remind myself that my mental and physical life depends on the toil of other persons—living and dead. The food that nourishes me is grown by other people. My dresses are all made by other people. Likewise whatever knowedge that I have gathered since my childhood days—has been acquired from other people. So I must try and repay whatever I have received and am receiving.

I hope you enjoy the video!

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Market Status of Groundnut, Dry Coconut, and Cashewnut

Students at the Academy often come up with interesting ways to present their information to their peers. Rani (PDM 7) made this short video with clips taken on her digital camera to highlight her experiences during her development practice segment work.

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